Music's Visual Future

Designers + Geeks presentation by Scott Snibbe, Founder at EYEGROOVE
Filmed on February 20, 2014 in San Francisco

What is the successor to the LP, MTV, and YouTube? How will music meld with video, graphics, and interactivity? And will any of it make money? Snibbe will present some history, and current examples of interactive and visual digital music experiences, along with the debut of Eyegroove, a new social visual music platform that will be released around the time of this talk.

Scott Snibbe is an entrepreneur and media artist, founder of Eyegroove and Snibbe Interactive. His award-winning music apps have featured collaborations with Björk, Beck, Philip Glass, Metric, and Passion Pit. He was one of the early developers of Adobe After Effects, a pioneer in gesture-based interactive experiences, and is a renowned innovator in interactive art and human-computer interaction research.

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